Wall Beds

Wall bed in office, extendedAdd usable space and flexibility by installing a wall bed system in your home office or spare bedroom. Stylish and functional,  our wall bed systems have flexibility in  configuration. Add some cabinets, a desk space, and perhaps some open shelves. The bed itself is stored behind double or single doors, folded out of sight until its needed.Wall be in office, away

A great solution for your teen or tween, there’s lots of free  floor space when the bed is stored. Gaining floor space – and creating a more spacious feel in the room– is one of the main reasons our customers ask for Wall Beds.

Imagine having room to exercise or socialize and still have a functional and comfortable bed available when you turn in at night.

Queen size wall bedWall bed in kids room


Wall beds come in Twin, Full and Queen sizes. Twin beds have one door on the storage unit, while Queen and Full have two doors.


Beds can be mounted horizontally or vertically, depending on the space where they will be installed and the preference of the homeowner.

Explore all the ways that Wall Beds can maximize the space in your home. Call for a free consultation today: 402.778.5777.