Our Storage Shelves are Ideal Storage Solutions

Stronger & Deeper Storage Shelves

Shoe shelvesFixed and adjustable storage shelves are a full 3/4” thick and available in six depths: 12”, 14”, 16”, 19”, 20” and 24”.

Fixed storage shelves add strength and stability to the closet system. Strong Rafix cam-locks secure the vertical panels in place and are easy to install in the fixed storage shelves’ pre-drilled cam-lock holes.

A self-aligning cam option is also available and provides additional strength to the structure.

Adjustable storage shelf options include spoons, pin-in-place and perfect match thimble drillings.

Superior Mounting Systems

Our number one goal is to find the perfect storage solutions for our customers. Storage shelves can be wall-mounted or floor-mounted, and we make sure they are engineered so our installers get a perfect fit without damaging trim work, flooring, or walls.

The Closet Builder wall-mount system is one of the strongest storage solutions on the market and is easy to install. The system’s notched vertical support panels rest on the specially designed continuous laminate mounting rail that distributes the weight evenly. The patented wall-mount brackets steady the vertical panels and allow the panels to be shifted and leveled until the storage shelves are locked into place.

The Hafele adjustable wall-mount rail system is also available. The Hafele system features a continuous metal wall rail with cover and wall mount leveling bracket that adjusts the vertical panel up and down as well as in or out, which works great for uneven walls.

The cleat floor and wall mount system positions a 5” wide horizontal melamine cleat between the vertical panels. The cleat is secured to the wall and wood dowels and min-fix cams secure the vertical panels to the wall cleat to ensure that the storage shelves are secured into place.

We also have many accessory shelves to organize your spaces and make life easier.

pull out closet shelf drawerSweater shelfDivided sock drawer

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