Scarf Hanger

Scarves, Belts, and Seasonal Items

Need additional space for all those scarfs you have accumulated? We have handy storage tips to make everything neat and accessible.

Marco Closets has Some Closet Tips for You

Take an empty plastic hanger and tie your scarfs around the hanger or attach with shower curtain rings. The hanger should be able to hold at least 5 scarves each.
Use the area above the top shelf of your closet by storing off season items in clear plastic tubs, so you can see what is in them. It makes those items easier to find. Find these supplies at big box discount stores.
Need a good idea for belt storage? Find a wood hanger that has hooks attached to it to hold several belts on that hanger. Look at bed and bath stores and discount stores.

Remember Marco Closets for all your home organization needs. Marco services Omaha, Lincoln, and Surrounding Communities.


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