Entertainment Centers

White custom home entertainment centerThe average American spends five hours per day in front of a television. When you watch TV, your focus isn’t on the cables and cords that make everything work. Conceal those in an entertainment center or media center.

Hearkening back to the days of the console television, the TV was considered a piece of furniture that reflected the decor of the home.  You can make a style statement with your entertainment center and add room for additional storage or decorative accessories.

If you’ve invested in a home theater system, custom lighting options can be added to create the atmosphere of a theater in your own living room.Track lights can be added inside the cabinet or on the ceiling above to create the mood of a theater in your family room or living room.

Floating home media centerHome media center with glass cabinetsThere are many options to reflect your style. For a modern look, consider using this system that seems to float in mid-air. Nothing’s on the floor, but the components you need are easily accessible.

Features such as glass cabinet fronts ensure that your remote control can work even with the doors closed.

No matter what your style or the type of entertainment equipment, Marco Closets can create an affordable solution.



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