Closet Custom Design

Let the professionals at Marco Closets design your dream closet! Whether the project is for a new construction or an existing home, we can create a custom closet design to meet all your needs. We will convert your closet from a disorganized and cluttered mess to your own personal organized sanctuary. Our team works directly with you to discover your ideas and specific needs and then tailors them into well-crafted design solutions. From simple reach-in closets to elaborate custom walk-in designs, we have you covered.

Available Options:

  • Closet Hutch
  • Shoe Cubbies
  • Pull-out basket with liner
  • Fold Out Drawer Ironing Board
  • Pull Out Mirror
  • Jewelry & Drawer Dividers
  • Designer Hardware
  • Pull-Out Shoe Storage
  • Accessory Storage
  • Glass Doors
  • Slanted Shoe Shelves with Fence
  • Pull-Out Shelf
  • And Much More!

Let Us Help You Achieve Your Dream Closet

At Marco Closets, we are dedicated to providing the best closet design and installation services in the Omaha area. Your dream closet can become a reality with the help of our experienced team of closet design and installation experts. We consider every detail right down to the hardware and accents design features. Our team will work with you to create the custom closet that you want with all the storage solutions you need.

Why should you get a custom closet designed by Marco Closets?

  1. Increase usable space in a closet. When designed properly, a custom closet system can increase storage capacity by 50% or even more.
  2. Ease of accessibility. While creating more usable space is important, it is equally important to be able to access what is stored in that space. Marco Closets can create a custom closet design that gives you the functionality you need.
  3. Aesthetic pleasure. We believe that a closet should not just be a dumping ground for clutter. With our custom designs, your closet can be a true oasis in your home.

Call Marco Closets today in the Omaha area at 402.778.5777 to learn more about our custom closet design and installation services.