Velvet Jewelry Drawer

Closet Accessories Take Center Stage

Imagine walking into your closet and finding all of the accessories for your outfit in a pullout drawer. Watches, bracelets, rings – all in plain view, nothing tangled or missing. Yes, that can happen in your closet with our custom closet accessories.

A wide variety of accessories is available to help you make sense of your space. Are you a shoe maven? No problem: we have shoe cubbies and pull-out shoe shelves to organize your collection and keep your shoes scuff-free. Do you have an impressive assortment of belts or ties? Excellent- we have a belt hanger and tie rack to easily store and organize your collection.

Pants Rack

A space-saving pants rack keeps slacks and jeans neat and in plain view. Tired of seeing dirty laundry on the closet floor? We have a solution for that with our tilt-out laundry hamper. Do your clothes need a little touch-up? We have a fold down ironing board that doesn’t need to be lugged from storage and put into place. You can freshen your collar in a jiffy and store the iron out of the way.

These space-saving accessories allow you to organize with ease, and provide an attractive way to control closet clutter. Our specialty is creating a no-stress closet where there is a place for everything and everything in its place.

Call Marco Closets today at (402) 778-5777 to find out how we can create a dream closet for you.

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