Queen Wall Bed

The Bed in the Wall

There was a time when many small or studio apartments had Murphy Beds… the type of bed that folds away and is stored in a wall unit.  Many comedy sketches from early 1900s films featured these beds as a comic element. But the fact that we can talk about them today shows that they are still popular and useful. Read More

Mudroom Organization

Making Sense of Your Drop Zone

School is now in full swing. With the hustle and bustle of after-school activities and other goings-on, it’s easy to accumulate a collection of backpacks and other items inside the door that your family uses most often.

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Reach in Closet

Why your home needs a custom reach-in closet

A custom-built reach-in closet can be a convenient and valuable addition to virtually any master bedroom. Closets make efficient use of your home’s space, allowing you to eliminate clutter and enhance the visual appeal of your interior.

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Garage Cabinets and Closets

Why you need a storage system for your garage

Most homeowners use their garage as a multi-purpose storage area for basically any items that don’t belong inside the house. Over time (or maybe right after moving in) your garage can become littered with mountains of forgotten junk and stacks of boxes, making the space in your garage unworkable.

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